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August 30, 2005


Colleen Deatsman

Shilo, I honor your willingness to go into your process all the way. You are an awesome healer and only awesome healers are willing to do the really gut wrenching work that you are doing. I honor you for your strength, courage and honesty with yourself, the Spirits, ancestors and shamanism. Bless you brave seeker, safe travels home and ease and grace for a smooth re-entry. Love, Colleen

Elise Cummiskey

This reminds me of some things I went through along the way .My personal lesson was about trusting my self .It was also about not turning the Spirits into Gods and despots.I had to learn it was more of a fifty fifty propsition.Each side having an equal piece of the job to do.I learned I did not have to work with Spirits that played rough with me.That I had choices about how I wanted to work and with whom.
I also learned that the work for me is right here where I am.It was very painful but necessary for me to understand.


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